Sunny is a documentary film project revolving around an interviewer who conducts interviews on various topics on behalf of a research organization. Interviewer’s work is both interesting and extremely hard not only in physical but also in psychological terms. The film demonstrates all the basics of the interviewer’s work by simultaneously showing the different sides of the Georgian society – its fears, insecurities, and stereotypes. The documentary describes the life of different parts of Tbilisi society in its full diversity and charm. Together with getting to know the protagonist, we also learn about the city’s life, people’s problems, and their attitudes towards acute civic and political issues. we learn that Sunny's dream, and the main driving force, is to save up for the ticket to Berlin and embark on the search of her long-lost emigrant brother's grave.


Director: Keti Machavariani
Feature documentary
Delivery date Fall 2020
Production country: Georgia
Production companies: Terra Incognita Films; Sunny films
60 min