Avto gets out of jail. Five years ago, he along with his friends got arrested for burning the constitution near the government building. 18-year-old Avto was thrown in jail and taken captive by the abusive system. His only motivation is to kidnap and get even with his case supervisor, a particularly cruel security officer – Enver. Irma lives in the village. She is the sixth girl in her family line. Irma's father, Gaioz, has a manic desire to leave a son behind to continue his legacy. Gaioz perceives Irma as a son and raises her like a boy. At the same time, her situation gets more complicated when she gets strange feelings of lust for a newly arrived girl - Madina in the neighboring village. The roads of Avto and Irma intersect in the forest, where they do not communicate with each other just move in the same space. People go to the ruins of a temple scattered on a field near the forest at night and eat the hallucinogenic mushrooms to get high and fall into a sort of trance, praying for their wishes to come true.


Director: giorgi Chalauri
feature Fiction
delivery date: Winter 2021
Production country: Georgia
150 min