In the early 1920s, when The Red Army invaded Georgia and the country fell to the Bolsheviks, aristocrats were declared “the enemies of the people”. After losing all her wealth and power, Princess Maya is on the run. She is accompanied by her maid Daphino and a communist peasant Ambako. She is heading towards the Black Sea to meet her lover Bondo, a former feudal. The journey is challenging and dangerous, with many obstacles. As the story unfolds, Maya begins to realize that her life is fading away. Though still beautiful in her forties, she cannot ignore how men look at Daphino. Despite the maternal feelings towards Daphino, her jealousy grows bitter. Maya manipulates the events which lead to the conflict between the peasant and the feudal. On the night of the Witches – a pagan celebration held on the beach, Bondo gets killed, while Daphino and Ambako’s relationship is ruined. The seas are calling for Maya. None of the rings, nor stories calm the waves down, only when she joins the waves to take her own life the sea eventually dies down.

Princess Maya

Director: Margo Zubashvili
Feature fiction
Delivery date: Winter 2022
Production country: Georgia
100 min