From a train station in his birth town of Gori to a distant homemade mausoleum, at abandoned World War II memorials, and in the most visited museum in the country, monuments to Stalin populate the Georgian landscape. They stand inconspicuously, as locals pass by and tourists take photos. Only the stray dogs seem to be affected by their presence. At the Stalin museum, a group of sixth-graders is shown his death mask. In Tbilisi, a drunken Stalin impersonator waits for clients by a fragment of the Berlin wall. An anonymous field nearby is rumoured to be a mass grave for hundreds of victims of Stalinist persecutions in the 1930s. Scraps and bits of overheard conversations of passers-by make it impossible to derive a simple narrative about the situation. Looking and listening for the traces of the past in the everyday, Ozymandias is an attempt at confronting unacknowledged guilt and the invisible forces of history.


Director: Misho Antadze
Feature documentary
Delivery date: Winter 2020
Production country: Georgia
70 min