17-year-old Yezidi boy Amo, a water polo player, lives with his mother and grandmother in a communal apartment block in one of Tbilisi suburbs. Amo spends long, hot summery days in a zoo, where he assists mainly as the elephant caregiver. In the evenings he trains with his water polo team at a Gldani pool. There he meets high-diver Jessica (17) and his teammate Guro (17). The latter being a typical macho man, earning his money through drug-dealing. Coincidentally Amo is in need of money as he wants to go on a tournament in Belgium. One day, Guro takes Amo along with him and shows him the ropes. Jessica is also involved in the process. There goes their adventure through the brutal concrete jungle of Gldani. For three friends, one regular soviet district turns into a whole universe. They often leave drugs in various unusual, weird, inaccessible and sometimes breathtakingly stunning places. Between their runs and drops, they spend all their hot summery days at Tbilisi Sea or Gldani Lake together. Meanwhile Amo develops feelings for Jessica. But this seems impossible, as Amo is obliged to marry Lika (14) according to Yezidi betrothal tradition, arranged marriage. Lika was appointed as his bride in a crib. Amo and his mother’s relationship changes. They hit a rough patch. In this adventure, Amo and his friends discover real and brutal world, which permanently and fatally changes his life.

When you are 17

Director: Giorgi Mukhadze
Feature Fiction
Delivery date: Winter 2021
Production country: Georgia